It’s modern clean makeup with edge and sophistication that helps you look and feel your best. Whether it be making those blue eyes pop or complimenting your red hair. It’s about individual beauty and the ability to see natural colour and highlighting it. It's about bringing together a look. It’s about educating, it’s about you! 



It’s about beautiful clean makeup that helps you look and feel your best. It’s about you. It’s highlighting your natural beauty and doing what works for you.


It’s about educating you; it’s about finding colours and teaching techniques that work for you. It’s helping you see what I see and do what I do.



It’s about changing the way you feel in an instant; from feeling tired to feeling glam. It's about what works for you and makes you feel confident. 


It’s about bringing together a look, whether it is a high-end look or an everyday look. With an eye for detail and colour, it’s about creativity and modern makeup with edge and sophistication.


There are lots of things I love. Shopping, cake and a smile always goes a long way. I love art and for me Makeup is just that, it is my creative outlet. It inspires. It gives confidence. For me, it's about the love of Blush, beautiful skin and the freshness a pop of pink can give. When you put on that bright pink lippy, you are ready to take on the world and dance a little along the way. What I love the most is to be able to share that with others. Subscribe to my newsletters to hear about products, tips, and styles I love.